• Design: Make the initial Character Development and Traits
  • Website: Develop the Base Website
  • Marketing: Do Social and Paid Advertising to promote our brand
  • Vision and Mission: Release Version 1.0 of our Whitepaper
  • Community: Do giveaways, contests, and more to reward our early supporters. This is currently ongoing, join our discord to stay up to date
  • Launch: Mint 10,000 SassyShark NFT on January 31st at 1:00 UTC
  • NFT Utilities: Introduce SassyShark holder’s benefits
  • Decentralized Charity & Social Responsibilities Initiatives: Pick initial NGO with community. Use community to vote on where the royalty proceeds will go to.
  • Partnership: Collaborate with other CNFT and Cardano projects we love
  • Events: Airdrops and hangouts on special events for SassyShark holders
  • Merchandise: Launch exclusive Merch Line with Eco-friendly brands
  • Overhaul: Redesign our Website, add explore page and traits wiki
  • Futur Drop: Introduce Sassy Breeding/Sharkie Incubator
  • Growth: Further develop the ecosystem for our NFT
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