Our Vision and Mission
Our goal is to create an innovative, community-driven NFT on the Cardano ecosystem that positively impacts sea life and ocean preservation.
To achieve that, we believe in:
  • Reinvesting the proceeds of the CNFT sales in our Community, the Cardano ecosystem, innovate how Charity is done, and fund our future Ventures
  • Building a highly engaged, inclusive, and supportive community that thrives on empowering each other
  • Becoming a pioneer in providing creative utilities and innovation to NFTs
  • Supporting and empowering those who are new to Cardano NFTs to learn more and become part of the Cardano NFT ecosystem
  • Providing a shared ecosystem for highly sought after and innovative CNFT or Cardano projects through our collaboration.
  • Innovating the Charity industry by helping Non-profit-organizations implement Cardano’s blockchain technology and make the first donation in ADA to those organizations.
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