Decentralized Charity Initiatives
We are a new team with a grand vision and we understand that it will take time and effort to build trust. Aligned with our vision, our hopes are to involve the SassyShark Community in the decision-making process towards funding the proper NGOs. This project stemmed from a mission that all of us at SassyShark believe in, and we want to grow this passion by building a community that is dedicated to preserving sea life. In order to achieve this goal, we plan on achieving the decentralized charity initiatives below.
First and foremost, 10% of the initial collection sale of our project will be given to a sea life charity. We will announce the charity soon after our launch.
Secondly, because awareness is key, we want our community to share and trade SassySharks. The more trades that occur, the more people are exposed to the mission of our project. A 3% royalty will be collected every time our NFTs are traded, 50% of which will directly fund a Charity that the community will decide on. Ownership of a SassyShark NFT will give you the ability to vote where the funds will go to. Active participation will also be rewarded by providing newly minted NFTs.
We also want to incentivize long-time collectors of SassyShark. We have plans to partner with the ever-expanding Cardano ecosystem to help stake SassyShark NFTs and leverage Defi.
Lastly, as the community grows and adopts this progressive method of funding charities, we hope to carry on this momentum and build an army of SassySharks that is dedicated to preserving our oceans and making a lasting impact.
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